This approximately 90 minute program tells stories from some of history's most fascinating and legendary women.  

    Margaret Kaler, also a member of The Tale Tellers of St. Augustine, tells the first person story of Emma Thompson 

    who fought in the Civil War as a man, and performed a number of heroic acts.   Margaret also tells a story from Isak 

    Dinesens biography, a famous woman writer.

    Kathy Duffy opens the program with the stories that highlight the accomplishments of Isabella of Castile that should be in our

    history books.   Kathy also portrays Mary Kingsley, a British women in her 30's who explores Western Africa in the

    1890's by herself with only a few hired guides .   The program  ends with a portrayal of Gertrude Bell, who explored,

    mapped Arabic lands and who taught Lawrence of Arabia what and who he needed for his daring raid on Acquba.

     This program is available in it's entirety or as individual pieces.  Bookings can be for one or both tellers and one or more  of the performance pieces.  Impossible to price here, but we are willing to adapt to your organization's needs.